With A Thankful Heart

Rev. Judy Aehle
In a class that I attended a number of years ago – a homework assignment that we were given was to write down 100 things we wanted in our life. At first glance it seems like something that wouldn’t be too difficult. But as I sat working on the assignment – it became quite challenging to me. It really requires one to think about the details in life and what one really desires. And as I worked through the assignment – it became an exercise in gratitude. The things that I was grateful for – were the things that I wanted in my life. Gratitude puts our focus on the good that we already have. It opens our hearts to love and goodness of every kind.
Here is a brief Spiritual Mind Treatment that can help us focus our heart on Gratitude:
I take this time to know that I am always one with the Infinite Presence of Life. I am never separated from this presence. It fills
me always. I am grateful for all that I experience in life. I am grateful for my healthy vibrant body that allows me to move easily
and freely in my world. I am grateful for a mind that is filled with new creative ideas. I am grateful for the loving relationships that
are overflowing in my life. As I focus on the good things in my life, I am receptive to the increase of good in my life. This is the truth of my life. 
And so it is.