Connie Muschell, Financial Administrator

Connie is the primary administrator for Realm, our contributions and church management software.  She deposits funds received from the generous supporters of CSL Midtown and works closely with the accountant to produce accurate financial information to the board.  Connie’s skills. experience and interests include a wide variety.  She says she knows a little about a lot of things and is an expert in a few.  She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia in Art Education.  She spent 9 years teaching Art in the public schools in Athens Georgia.  After moving from Athens to Atlanta, she worked at the Atlanta Journal Constitution where she did the layout of the newspaper for 20 years.  During her career at the paper, she also acquired her real estate license.  She has invested in real estate rentals, renovated distressed properties and helped many buyers and sellers of homes in the Atlanta Metro area.  A recent achievement was acquiring a certificate in photography from Emory ECE.  Other than helping CSL Midtown, she is a real estate agent at Palmer House properties and does a little photography on the side.  

Michael Wagoner, Administrative Assistant

Michael was hired as Admin Assistant in August. His duties include everything admin, from helping Dr Deen with his responsibilities, preparing these emails, responding to messages to, maintaining the website, and making the Sunday deposits. He came to us from Ft Lauderdale, Florida, where he retired after many unhappy years of working for the federal government. This is when he also became acquainted with CSL and it’s philosophies, primarily from the love-focused Rev Charles Geddes, a name with which all the old timers are familiar. He moved to Atlanta in June and is enjoying creating a more fulfilling life.

Sandy Defoe, Accountant