Cynthia McCarthy, Social Media Team Lead, discovered Centers for Spiritual Living in 2012, while studying to become an interfaith minister. Ordained in 2015 by the American Interfaith Holistic Temple, she holds a Masters of Holistic Theology.  Drawn to the Science of Mind teaching, she plans to begin Licensed Spiritual Practitioner training in the fall of 2020.

Cynthia has served churches and spiritual organizations for many years, as Director of Christian Education for First Congregational Church in Reno, NV, and as Interim Interfaith Minister for First Christian Church in Rome, GA. She currently serves as Director of Social Media and Communications for World Awake, an organization serving interfaith clergy and spiritual care professionals.

An experienced guest speaker and lecturer, Cynthia also facilitates small group classes, workshops, and book studies. In 2018, Cynthia created Spirit on the Spot, LLC, as a way to bring progressive New Thought principles into the home with everyday products that inspire, uplift, and unite. She writes a blog and records an interfaith, uplifting podcast available on: or It is her great pleasure to be serving on the board of CSL Midtown.