Last week we started a new theme: emotions. This week Dr. Bob speaks on the “fear factor” and how it plays into our lives. When we know the truth about ourselves and know where we are in the universe, how that can sort us and help us through moments when fear stops us.

Fear is not the reality of anything; fear is an emotion that holds us back. Essentially this emotion is a physiological response that puts the body into fight, flight, or freeze mode. One of the most common fears out there is the fear of public speaking. Many times public speaking brings on the fear of thinking others would laugh at us or not find our speaking interesting and we could be dismissed. When we become fearful, we talk ourselves out of doing something and are held back. Fear is a set of false beliefs that we get in our head.

Fear is an invitation to grow. Fear invites us to pay attention. If you find yourself fearful about something, know that something is letting you know you’re about to step into something you’ve never done before.

When we begin to fear something there are three things we must do: name it, claim it and replace it. The first step is to name the fear and take time to understand what is going on. Ask yourself what is it that you’re afraid of? Then you can claim the fear as yours. Once you claim the fear you have the power to change this fear and replace it by stepping above — into a place where you understand that there is a greater power within you that will help you conquer this fear.

Think about when we are startled or something scares us. Almost instantly we shout “Oh, God!” because that is the first term that naturally comes to mind. This is because we are calling to a power above us to help get us through that fear. Whether you are religious or not, there is some sort of power (does not have to be God) that we all reach for to help get us through that fear.

Once we take these three steps to name it, claim it and replace it we can understand and trust that there is one infinite power — one source that can control our fears and help us overcome them. We are all connected to this one power and once you can feel its presence, that oneness can help us move past our fears.

The world may be a scary, dangerous place, but trust that the universe is not. By being connected to this one power, we are never alone. We are all connected to one another.

Feeling fearful? Dr. Bob ends the discussion with this affirmation:

“When I come to the end of the light I have known and step forward into the darkness, my faith tells me my foot will either find solid ground or I will fly.”

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