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The Human Package -Rev. Paul Gonyea

  There are certain spiritual freedoms we all have that determine how our life will evolve. These freedoms are part of our spiritual birthright. That means they were given to us as part of our “human package” when we showed up here. But it also means that we have to maintain our spiritual awareness in […]

Name Dropping – Jon William Lopez, RScP

Name Dropping Jon Lopez, RScP Lately I’ve been sharing on Facebook who I’ve been working with while doing background extra work in some of the movies and TV shows shooting here in Atlanta. A few people have commented that I’m bragging or name-dropping. The truth is I’m thrilled and awed to be on the same […]

Practicing the Presence of God- Rev Paul Gonyea

When we begin our day with some sort of spiritual practice, whether it’s meditation, prayer, treatment or reading Creative Thought magazine, we remind ourselves of the Truth which states that this so-called “physical universe” is nothing more than energy shaped by intelligence. That intelligence is the One Mind, the Infinite Creative Consciousness, the Source of […]

I AM PROSPERITY! – Keith Childers, RScP

I know there is only ONE; a magnificently fertile and ever-expanding presence that I call God. Infinite and all encompassing, God is the sole source and substance of all things continuously creating perfect life through me, in me, as me. This is great news! For like God, I too am a perfect being and conscious […]

Metaphysical Wanderlust – Rev. Paul Gonyea

Our spiritual practice is the counterbalance to our metaphysical wanderlust. By spiritual practice, I mean the way in which we use what we have. That means using what we’ve learned, of course, to expand our ability to pray and meditate and affirm our good. But it also means using the spiritual wisdom we were born […]

Does Your God Need A Make Over? Catherine Ellis, RScP

  Catherine Ellis, RScP Most of us never question our concept of Spirit.  We have beliefs that have gathered like the clutter in our basements.  Some beliefs came from old movies with Charleton Heston., spectacular cinematography, waters parting.   Some were flavored with Tammy Faye Baker’s mascara running and the PTL club. There was Rev Ike […]