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You Will Never Walk Alone- Catherine Ellis

A divinely loving, ever present Spirit graciously inhabits every speck of the Universe. I am one with Spirit. There is nothing that is me that is not Spirit. I know that God supports me living my life to the fullest and most joyous extent that I can conceive. I am pulsating with and of the Love […]

Who Am I? -Katherine Vega, Practitioner Intern

   This September, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Peru and spend some time at a retreat center called Samana Wasi which means, “House of Rest”. What I ended up resting was the part of my mind that was blocking me to truly feel and see who my authentic self was.  I was […]

A Wide Range of Choices – Rev. Paul Gonyea

  Every day we are offered a wide range of choices that are filled with the beauty of life. We can choose to drive on the road less travelled. We can choose to look at the sunset instead of the evening news. We can listen to the laughter of children instead of the anger of […]

Life Is Living Art! Apriel L. Jessup, RScP

I have many friends who are artists, chefs, photographers, dancers, and musicians. I love being around them because when they are IN THE ZONE, they are beautiful expressions of the DIVINE.  Often while they are performing or working, there are several occasions when time seems to stop and all you experience is the movement, the color, […]

The Creative Process – Rev. Paul Gonyea

There is a natural tendency we all have to look at a beautiful creation and appreciate it, but to forget how it came about. We forget about the dream from which it came. We forget that the creative process is very often a process of growth, an unfolding of a powerful idea that may have […]

Back in Business – Jon William Lopez, RScP

 I’m not sure why, but even as a practitioner I am always amazed when the Universe comes through with a demonstration (or demonstrations) even when I have no clue how it could possibly happen.  Last week my computer imploded and the hard drive needed to be replaced. I’d gotten a quote from a local iHospital […]