I now like to think of myself as a radiant beam of light from the one energy I call Spirit.   Driving at night, headlight beams display a wonderful visualization – a light show of individualizations of God akin to stars in the sky.

Over a decade ago, I felt disconnected and untrusting of self, others, and God.  I felt locked down in pain and without choices.

I became involved in a support group where through discussion and study, I became aware of the negative racket playing in my head.  I slowly began to trust other people and to learn, new to me, healthy behaviors that made me gentler with me.  I opened myself to a better idea of God. 

I participated in CSL classes, “Change Your Life in a Year”.  It did.  Within my two spiritual communities I reinvented my idea of God and enhanced self-awareness.    I connected more with others and to a more user- friendly Higher Power.  I became able to hush the critical voices in my head and to realize I always had choices. I learned to love me.  Self-awareness, self-care, and self-celebration thrived.   

Like drops of water joining to form a stream, my intended journey flowed one thought at a time to become healthier, happier, and better unified with others and with Spirit.  Now my journey includes a personalized set of spiritual practices.   I awake asking myself how I can love more, enjoy more and be of service followed by many similar practices throughout the day.