Just for you, weekly, Jan 26 – Feb 23, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The Creative Process is the method for bringing about the greatest change and long-lasting improvement for your life in the new year.

  • Dive into understanding and developing habits of using this creative process in three areas of your life: Relationships, Abundance, and Health.
  • Learn a practice of writing and using Affirmation for the new year.
  • Learn the steps in establishing thriving relationships…. plus the steps for forgiveness.
  • Open the flow and receive more abundance than you may have thought possible.
  • Learn to create greater health and wholeness by changing your thinking.

Many of these ideas are presented during the Sunday Celebration. However, to really integrate these ideas and use them for your greater good, you must dive deeper and take charge of your thought. Classes provide the best opportunity to do that. Sundays alone are not enough.

This class is for anyone who wants to enhance life and make changes. It is also Certificated by Centers for Spiritual Living Education department. This means that in addition to providing you with excellent life changing ideas and practices, it is also is part of the path to becoming a licensed practitioner.

Dr. Deen will lead the course via Zoom, the link and a workbook to be supplied to those who register.

Cost $125 for the course.