AUGUST’s THEME: Living Everyday Wonder: Nature. We spend August looking into the ways in which nature and the natural world reflect truth to us that can guide us in our choices, attitudes, and awareness of the Everyday Wonders of Life. We are all as much a part of nature as any rock, plant, or animal. Our bodies are guided by the laws of nature and our Spirits are guided by Natural Spiritual Law, which is synonymous with Natural Law. Check our Sunday Celebration Page for more details.

LOCATION: Garden Hills Recreation Center, 339 Pine Tree Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30305. Follow the link to review parking instructions as the designated parking is on the neighborhood streets, Directions | Garden Hills Pool. The designated handicap spaces are clearly marked on the street near the building. The study group will meet at 10:00 in-person and online as well. Plan to arrive at 10:45 for the service.

You will still be able to watch us every Sunday from home via: 

Facebook Live on Sunday mornings.

Watch Us On Youtube live on Sunday mornings, or view past services.

Our Zoom Link: Passcode 642540 – good for all our programming. Zoom by phone: US +1 646-876-9923, meeting ID 4049961302, passcode 642540.



  • The room’s seating will reflect the recommended COVID19 precautions.
  • Masks are optional.
  • We’ll have hand sanitizer.
  • Food and drink will not be served.
  • We’ll have color-coded nametags to indicate your personal comfort with being approached. Green means “I’m all in.” Yellow means “Maybe let’s still keep a little distance.” Red means “I’d rather not this time.”