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How to Have a Relationship with God

by Dr. Bob Deen

When I was younger, I had some apprehensions about the “G” word (God). It was my understanding that God was always watching. He was watching when I was with friends, seeing what I was doing on my own and knew every little thing and I always had this feeling that if I wasn’t perfect I […]

Living in Harmony with Nature

We have many relationships – relationships with ourselves, with oneness, with the world around us. We also have a relationship with nature and it is important that we recognize that relationship and continue to nurture it. We often begin our Sunday Celebration by taking a deep breath and letting it go, and repeating two more […]

We Create the World

The Center for Spiritual Living strives to create a world that works for everyone. In a world that works for everyone, everyone has the opportunity to live freely, joyfully and live with love and knowledge about who they are and what they can become.  When it comes to the CSL living part of our vision, […]

You and I are We

Since the beginning of time, people have always questioned humanity. Years ago, people on earth wondered if we were all alone in the universe. They questioned, “Is there something greater out there than we are?”  Many of the ancient schools came to the conclusion that there is a power. There IS something greater out there. […]

Me, Myself and I

The most important relationship you can have is with the most important person in your life – the one person who will never, ever leave you. This relationship is with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is much more important than any other relationship because how you relate with yourself determines how you will […]

The One Body

What I find interesting is that the themes for each month have been planned out months in advance, but each message is relative to what we are experiencing at this moment in time. Our theme for this month is “loving our body” and the theme for the year is “one body”.  Over the last few […]

The Mind – Body Connection

When we learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us, we flow through the oneness within the divine and we can experience a full, gentle authentic life.  However, many of us lose sight of living within that oneness and let interrupting thoughts enter our mind. But how bad does it have to get […]

Loving This Body

We’ve often heard we are spiritual beings that have physical experiences, which is only half true. We’ve also heard we’re physical beings that have spiritual experiences, which is also half true. But the real, full truth is that we are spiritual beings, having spiritual experiences and we are human beings that are having a human […]

Welcome to the Temple

These days, it is so easy to compare our bodies to those that we see on screens – whether that is the television, social media or online somewhere. Regardless of what we see and think of other bodies, what is true is that we don’t have the power to live in those bodies. Your body […]

Low Tide or High Tide?

As our theme for the month of emotions comes to a close, Dr. Bob dives into the ways our emotions impact the world and how we can channel our emotions and the love from the universe to love others and make the world a better place.  The violent Uvalde shooting last week was a massacre […]