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Metaphysical Wanderlust – Rev. Paul Gonyea

Our spiritual practice is the counterbalance to our metaphysical wanderlust. By spiritual practice, I mean the way in which we use what we have. That means using what we’ve learned, of course, to expand our ability to pray and meditate and affirm our good. But it also means using the spiritual wisdom we were born […]

Our Highest Potential -Apriel Jessup, RScP

Our Highest Potential Apriel Jessup, RScP After a very full Memorial Day weekend, I was relaxing and watching Oprah’s interview with Shawn Achor.  One statement that struck me as really profound was when he was speaking of how the ancient Greeks defined happiness. He said,” Happiness is the joy we feel, when we are striving toward […]

Unlimited Growth – John Karn RScP

Unlimited Growth John Karn, RScP Last week’s talk was about growth.  We often feel pain as we grow and as adults, we will do anything we can to avoid painful situations to the point of secluding ourselves.  This teaching allows us to train our mind to focus on the good that has come and to […]

Does Your God Need A Make Over? Catherine Ellis, RScP

  Catherine Ellis, RScP Most of us never question our concept of Spirit.  We have beliefs that have gathered like the clutter in our basements.  Some beliefs came from old movies with Charleton Heston., spectacular cinematography, waters parting.   Some were flavored with Tammy Faye Baker’s mascara running and the PTL club. There was Rev Ike […]

The Emergent Self- Rev David Barrett

by admin

 Once we ‘roll away the stone’ and step out into our new life, we can choose our old way of thinking, making decisions based on past or present experiences and future worries, OR we can turn to the greater idea of ourselves that we just learned about through the true meaning of Easter. It takes […]