There is only one perfect power and presence of Life.   This power is the energy of life that courses through my heart, my body, my mind and all that I see in the world around me.  This power is good in all ways and expands in its expression of goodness in the world.  It expresses as perfect love, opulent abundance, vibrant health and vitality, new creative ideas and the deep wisdom of the heart.   In my life, I open up to listen and connect with my heart on a deep level.  I allow myself time to rest in the deep silence, clarity and wisdom of my heart.   I know that I connect with others in my life at the heart level.  Even though there may appear to be differences or disagreements with those I interact with in life – I am one with those around me at the heart level.  The wisdom of my heart expresses through me as love as I interact with those around me.  The wisdom of my heart inspires me with new ideas and better ways of being in the world.  I move through life with a heart full of wisdom and love.   I know that there is nothing so difficult or so confounding that this power and energy of life cannot heal and transform.  I am grateful for this understanding.  I release these words, knowing that they are powerful and that my life is transformed.  And so it is.