A divinely loving, ever present Spirit graciously inhabits every speck of the Universe. I am one with Spirit. There is nothing that is me that is not Spirit.
I know that God supports me living my life to the fullest and most joyous extent that I
can conceive. I am pulsating with and of the Love that is Source, the One Power. I
have loved many people in my lifetime. Some of them just aren’t here anymore. I still
have my love for them and my love for God and as such I will never be alone. Not on the
holidays, not ever. I can celebrate everyday even if! am by myself.
I am learning to connect with everyone I see and the beauty of nature all around me. I am growing an intentional awareness and a recognition that I always have choices as to how I frame life’s unfolding. Life is all in my perspective.
I am grateful for the fullness of love in my life and new opportunities for self- celebration and self-care. I am grateful that I am the inlet and outlet of love in my life.
I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good. I turn this prayer over to Spirit knowing it is already so.