Paul GonyeaEvery day we are offered a wide range of choices that are filled with the beauty of life. We can choose to drive on the road less travelled. We can choose to look at the sunset instead of the evening news. We can listen to the laughter of children instead of the anger of adults. We can sit in the silence and be at peace instead of worrying about the events of tomorrow.

The important thing to realize is that thinking this way is a habit, just like choosing to think negatively is a habit. Whatever we practice on a regular basis is what we will end up doing most of the time. So the saying “Practice makes perfect” is actually inaccurate. The real saying should be, “Practice makes permanent.” As we practice making intelligent, positive and spiritually-inspired choices, the world around us may not change immediately. But it will eventually change for the better. And it will keep getting better as long as we feed our mind a steady diet of love and good sense.