Monica Battle, Administrative -Assist

Monica Battle

Nara Clarke, Administrative Assist

Nara ClarkeBorn and raised in Brazil.   (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul) . I still speak Portuguese with the accent of my original region!
Came to the US, to live with my mother. (Brandon, MS.)  What a Cultural Schock!!!
Graduated from Mississippi State University, and then got my Masters in Social Work, from the University of Georgia.  And that is how I got to Atlanta, GA.

I have been a seeker from early in life:  Raised in the Methodist Church.(Two Preacher Grandfathers, and two Bishop Uncles!)  In my teen years I joined the Mormon Church,( almost gave my maternal Grandfather a heart attack), later moved over to the Episcopal Church, a more traditional organization.

In my late 30’s I became an intense Seeker.  Searching for a Teacher, or Teaching, that would give me a sense of Purpose.
It was sometime in 1985 that I walked through the doors of the then Atlanta Church of Religious Science, and heard Kennedy Shultz speak.   Confession:  I liked what he said, but I was not ready!

A couple of years later I felt at home with the teachings of Siddha Yoga.  I started going to SLCA sporadically back in 2009, after my dear husband encouraged me to listen to a few talks.  And then one day. I wanted to hear more!

Siam and I will be Celebrating our 35th Anniversary, this coming August!   WOW!!!

I don’t have any hobbies.  I Love Organizing.  I Love relating to People.
I Love Atlanta.