Judy Aehle, RScP, began attending the Atlanta Church of Religious Science in the early 1980’s when Dr. Kennedy Shultz was the minister.  After taking classes under Dr. Shultz she received her Practitioner License and Ministerial License in the mid 1990’s.  From her own personal experience she knows that the teaching of Religious Science can truly transform lives. She currently lives in the Candler Park neighborhood in Atlanta with her husband, Andy Weiskoff.  She is retired from a career in education administration.  She now spends her time traveling, attending yoga classes, reading, meditating, gardening and playing mahjong.  Life is good!

Catherine Ellis, RScP

Catherine Ellis, RScP. As a child, religion was sparse and seemed neither useful nor logical. Methodist Youth Fellowship introduced me to smoking at age 13. Tammy Faye Baker’s tears, the PTL club, and TV religion in general seemed mostly about asking for money. Dirty secrets were surfacing within Catholicism. Old Charlton Heston type bible movies added to these negative childhood impressions.

In high school and college, I connected with eastern philosophy and came to believe in a god of physics where energy is neither created nor destroyed. A friend introduced me to Religious Science in the late 80’s after the end of a too long, unhealthy relationship. That initial experience evolved into years of Sunday and Wednesday talks, but regrettably, no classes. The concept that people are created to be happy seemed logical.

About ten years later, my life was showing up like burnt popcorn with loved ones dying, my own cancer and career challenges. I paused. By early 2004, my life was a disaster. I realized I had a small idea of me and a small idea of god. I just wanted to be happier. I decided to become proactive about my spirituality. I co-formed a three person, weekly study group. I reengaged Religious Science with a vengeance including taking classes, sometimes two at a time. I learned to discern between constructive and destructive thoughts. Life got better and better, one thought at a time. I have become vigilant about my thoughts, my many spiritual practices, and my repeated choice to live in the present.

Mya Fuller, RScP,  has been a licensed practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2008. An avid traveler, dedicated life-long learner, wife and mother –  Mya mostly lives out of the country (in Kuwait!) with her husband, who works there on the US military base. Though she lives between continents, Mya is available to treat with you via email or phone, only a message away at myafullerintl@gmail.com

Barbara Guillory, RScP

Lee Huffman, RScP, has been a CSL Licensed Practitioner since the summer of 2014 and has been associated with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2008. He has served on CSL Midtown’s Board of Trustees since 2015 and has been the Vice President of the board since 2016. He is here to serve our community in any way possible, especially through Spiritual Coaching and Affirmative Prayer (aka “Treatment”).

Lee lives in Suwanee, GA.  He is originally from a small town in Indiana and has lived in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, and California.  Lee’s son, Matthew served in United States Marine Corps and now lives in Auburn, Georgia. Matt is back in college on the GI bill working on his degree in veterinary medicine.  Lee’s daughter, Eliza, who also lives in the Atlanta metro area and has been very active in the Teen Program at CSL and served as the Teen President for another Center in Atlanta.  Eliza used Science of Mind principles and practices to become a full-time college student a full year before finishing high school in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

On the business side, as the CEO and Master Coach of Professional Development USA, Lee has a passion for developing business leaders that comes from over 35 years of experience developing successful organizations as a serial entrepreneur and as a Fortune 100 Executive.  Known as “The Business Catalyst” on the speaking circuit, Lee develops and leads customized workshops and keynote presentations for groups of 25 to 2,500. In addition, he mentors and trains Business Owners, Executives, and Professionals in small groups and one-on-one.  He offers free initial consultations to leaders of organizations with five or more employees. Feel free to contact Lee by e-mail at Lee_CSL@ProDevUSA.com or by phone at (770) 335-0709.

A New Year’s baby with a Catholic up-bringing in southwest Louisiana, Doug Moody, RScP, moved to Atlanta after graduating from LSU in 1985.  He soon discovered Religious Science in January 1986 under the ministry of Rev. Kennedy Shultz at the Woodruff Arts Center.  Following a Master of Science Degree in Commercial Real Estate Finance and a 1988 job transfer to Washington, DC, Doug relocated back to Atlanta in 1995 and eagerly returned to Dr. Shultz’s services and classes.  He began and completed the CSL course work all the way up to Practitioner level.  Doug headed “the call” to Practitioner Classes and service in 2013 and completed his Practitioner studies via The Holmes Institute.  Doug is grateful for the opportunity of studying, learning, and interacting with fellow Practitioners from Religious Science communities from across the USA and Canada in its weekly on-line class format.  His Practitioner studies were capped by a retreat and graduation in California under the mentorship of Dr. Reverend Christina Tillotson in June 2015 where he met and instantly resonated with Dr. Reverend Bob Deen.  Doug has served as a licensed Religious Science Practitioner with CSL Midtown since.

Doug’s most admired inspiration is Mother Nature and often feels most “at home” out in the wilderness – camping, hiking, skiing, paddling, snorkeling, writing, or meditating.  Doug is an Eagle Scout, a pianist and composer, a genealogist, a foodie and cook, an avid gardener, and has worked in his Commercial Real Estate consulting practice (SITUS Properties, LLC) for the past thirteen years as a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.  Doug is blessed with a most wonderful and supportive family, his beloved partner of over 22 years (Gregg Pavlak), and their English Labrador Retriever.  He treasures CSL Midtown – its staff, Ministers, fellow Practitioners, volunteers, and each of its members with love, support, and heartfelt joy in re-discovering and bringing forth the Spiritual Magnificence of every soul.

Bruce Wilmoth was delivered to the United States Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 23rd of September, 1948. Having spent a few days in the City of Brotherly Love, Bruce then grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Went to public school, made good grades. Liked to draw, make models. Was a Scout, a pretty good athlete. Against the backdrop of all that was unfolding in Birmingham in the 1950’s and early 60’s. Interesting times.

Bruce studied architecture at the University of Virginia, then took a degree from Auburn in Visual Design. Setting off on a career that included design for television, corporate identity/communications systems, exhibitry, retail store design, Bruce settled into a long and satisfying stint as an advertising Art Director. He got to work on some great accounts at some great agencies in Atlanta, LA, and New York. He dismisses ‘Mad Men’ as “personally redundant”. Interesting times.

Yet a certain measure of discontent, more questions than answers, seemed to propel Bruce along for decades; a search, often imperceptible, often ever-so-close, until finding Science of Mind about 2003. On the fringes a few years, he then decided to suspend disbelief, put aside cynicism, judgement for a time, and took a few classes. In paying closer attention, Bruce liked what he witnessed and experienced. “Makes sense to me”, he says.

Now a Practitioner Intern, Bruce relishes the opportunity of community, and this path of learning and growing.