Lynne Tompkins Brice, Secretary & Social Media and Membership Development Team, …. My husband Rick, and I came across an article about The Center for Religious Science in a Saturday edition of the AJC in 2004. We’d been alternating between attending Presbyterian services and camping out on the sofa on Sunday mornings for several years. Reverend Paul Gonyea was in his early years at the podium at the services held at Woodruff Arts Center. We have missed very few Sundays since then.

A few years later I sold my specialty food business and found myself with time on my hands and days without purpose. Things that I had learned on Sunday mornings began to make practical sense. I was, indeed, in charge of my days, in fact, my years. So I dusted off my bachelor of fine arts degree and started taking art classes again. And I told myself I could do this. Because all thought is creative, right?

Today I have more knowledge and confidence in the gift I inherited from my Mom and a steady flow of commissions keeps me in art supplies and travel. It’s my new personal experience and thanks to this teaching, I give it to myself every day. CSL Midtown is my spiritual home. I look forward to coming each week to spend time with friends and get a new wrinkle or two in my brain. I’m hoping to be able to be an integral part of building a strong community of members on purpose here.