Paul Gonyea

Paul GonyeaPaul Gonyea is the co-leader and co-founder of the Center for Spiritual Living Midtown in Atlanta, GA.

 Compared to most other New Thought teachers, Paul’s background can only be described as “unusual.” Raised in a military family, he attended college at the US Air Force Academy and graduated in 1972. He spent the next seven years as an Air Force officer and pilot, based for four years in the Philippines. He completed his military time as a leadership instructor at Air University.

At that point, Paul took the golden opportunity to become a pilot for Delta Air Lines. He flew commercially for 26 years, retiring in 2005 as an International Captain.

Responding to what he calls “his incurable intellectual curiosity,” during his time with the airline he went back to graduate school twice, receiving a Masters in Management at the University of South Florida, and then pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology at Georgia State University. But three years into the doctoral program, he lost interest in traditional academia and began to study metaphysics.

Interested in religion and spirituality since he was a child (in spite of his Catholic upbringing and Catholic school education, he says), Paul began searching for answers. He studied many of the world’s religions, particularly Buddhism and Taoism, and looked for a community that would support his interest in spirituality “that made sense.” In 1984 he encountered Unity, but after 18 months found it lacking in the intellectual core that he sought.

In 1986, he followed a friend’s suggestion and showed up one Sunday at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta to hear Dr. Kennedy Shultz speaking in the Richard Rich Auditorium. He says, “I listened for ten minutes and I was hooked! Kennedy became my teacher and I never looked back.” Captivated by the principles of Religious Science, he said, he read Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind cover to cover in two days. Over the next ten years, he took classes, became a licensed Practitioner, and then, in 1996, became a Minister of Religious Science. He was ordained in 2000 by Religious Science International.

In 1999, Dr. Shultz retired from the Atlanta Church of Religious Science, and Paul, who had been Assistant Minister, was overwhelmingly elected Senior Minister, a position he held for 11 years. He “retired” in 2010, and devoted his time to reading and studying spirituality (with a healthy dose of golf as a sideline). During his tenure, he tripled the membership of the ACRS, and changed the name to the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta.

In March of 2012, after 18 months spent reigniting his passion for teaching, Paul “flunked retirement” and joined his friend and former assistant David Barrett in creating the Center for Spiritual Living Midtown. He speaks regularly at the historic Academy of Medicine in Atlanta and teaches classes on books and subjects that interest him.

Paul’s speaking style is unique and refreshing. He fills his talks with history, physics, psychology and humor. His ability to explain complex ideas in simple and straightforward terms is a gift to newcomers and long-timers alike. His intellectual clarity is readily apparent, but behind it lies great authenticity, a big heart, and a love of this teaching. Those who know him well all agree that he not only can “talk the talk”; his life shows that he truly “walks the walk.” He is married and lives in Atlanta with his “incredible wife” (his words) and his “amazing cat Chester” (also his words). He and his wife love movies, music and traveling the world.

Angela Hill-Harmon

AngelaAngela Hill-Harmon has centered the past 25 plus years of her life passionately supporting education & development of individuals and groups. Angela is entering her 18th year with IBM. She currently supports IBM clients as Worldwide US Country Manager. She interfaces with client leadership; managing authorization and client access to IBM systems, applications, tool & assets.

Angela is an inspirational speaker, a spiritual licensed Practitioner & Science of Mind Staff Minister for the Center for Spiritual Living Midtown. Promoting higher consciousness and to raise self awareness to promote peaceful, abundant living throughout humankind. Angela focuses her career on leadership development. She is an active participant in the IBM Coaches Network and is sought out for her style of coaching, combining her leadership development expertise with the CO-active coaching method, giving attention to the whole person.

Angela is currently enjoying the single life. She is the mother of 3 children and three adorable grandchildren. She loves traveling, listening to music, dancing, movies, jazz concerts and various water sports to name a few of her favorite things. Angela is beginning a writing career with several published articles in community newsletters and magazines; she’s also working on her first book.


David Barrett

David BarretAn inspirational speaker, licensed practitioner, ordained minister of Science Of Mind (SOM), and promoter of individual and collective Spiritual growth and development, Rev. David Barrett has centered the past 20 plus years of his life supporting education, training and development throughout his professional and personal career. Today, he passionately seeks to open new doors to promote peaceful, abundant living to all humankind.

For 21 years Rev. Barrett served over 600 members of the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, as Practitioner for 16 years and staff minister for 11 years. He first walked through the doors of the Center in 1990 as a New Years’ Resolution and heard speak the Center’s founder Dr Kennedy Shultz. That same year he attended his first New Thought convention, Asilomar Conference in California. Upon his return to Atlanta, Rev. Barrett immediately became a student of Dr. Shultz. He attended Asilomar 14 consecutive years after that first year.

A lawyer for 14 years with The Fryer Law Firm, Rev. Barrett enthusiastically spends the majority of this time supporting the firm and with Training and Leadership Development in the real estate industry. He is an active participant of the Georgia and Florida Bar Association, and serves as the lead attorney in 4 different real estate closing offices. Professionally, Rev. Barrett is sought out for his style of teaching, combining his leadership development expertise with the CO-active teaching method giving attention to the whole person.

Rev. Barrett has studied in many different bible studies including classes with Dr. Rocco Ericco and Bishop Jack Spong, and has taken theology classes at Emory University. He is certified with Toastmasters International as a ”Competent Toastmaster”.

In a loving relationship of 14 years, Rev. Barrett enjoys traveling, camping, and sailing. He is spiritually rejuvenated in the outdoors understanding what Emerson meant by saying the laws of nature are our laws.

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