Welcome Change

Life does not stand still.
It keeps moving and shaking.
Just as soon as we think we’ve got our ducks in a row, change occurs.
And when it does, it’s a waste of time to worry, blame, feel guilt or disappointment, or practice any other negative behavior.
It’s much better to instead ask, “What new opportunities will this unexpected change create?”
Today, think of a recent change in your life that has upset you or thrown you off balance and try to look at it in a new light.
Open your mind and ask if there’s any way it might lead to good down the road.
If you call the change good, no matter what it looks like or feels like, it must turn out to be good.

One of my all-time favorite and most transformational quotes taken with permission from Edwene Gaines’s book: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity,   pg 187

I thought this powerful quote would be most helpful to you as we embark on our October Abundance month. I have learned (more than once!) that whenever I criticize or judge something as “bad”,  I am shutting myself off from both the seen and unseen good that is available for me to experience.

I invite you to participate in the October Abundance+ Program and, as long as you stay open, be ready to be amazed at the prosperity that unfolds for you!