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March 2019 Talk Series


Mar 3: Part One- Celebrating CSL Midtown’s Anviversary, Who Are We and Why Are We Here?~Dr. Bob Deen

We celebrate the 7th anniversary of the founding of CSL Midtown Atlanta. Join us as we honor our founders, celebrate our sustainability, and recognize the importance of New Thought in our world.    We will have brief talks by our Founding Ministers, Rev. David Barrett and Rev. Paul Gonyea, and Affirmative Prayer by Founding Minister Rev. Angela Harmon. Dr. Bob Deen, our current minister, will lead the celebration. We will have  food and fun, and still get you out in time for brunch.

  • Affirmation: We style our lives according to our ideas and beliefs. As we declare our good, the whole of creation aligns as the Infinite responds with a resounding YES.  Therefore, I no longer obsess about what I do not want. Rather, I turn my attention to what is my highest good.  I choose the very best ideas and beliefs for myself and my world, with confidence and faith in the certainty of that Infinite YES. –Dr. Bob Deen

Mar 10: Part Two- Why Should I Trust That Anything Good Will happen?~Dr. Bob Deen

In a world that constantly bombards us with fear, doubt, and threats of immanent disaster, what evidence is there that our ideas of Good can still show up in our lives? Faith is not blind but built on insightful understanding of physical and metaphysical science. Today we explore the “why” and “how” of living a joyous, fulfilling life.

  • Affirmation: Today I choose to live by faith in a higher view. Starting with clear evidence of One Power and One Energy moving through everything, I build my life one belief and idea at a time. I trust that the Infinite is conspiring with me to bring about my highest and best experience of being alive.  –Dr. Bob Deen

Mar 17: Part Three – Putting Your Self Out There ~Rev. Ursula Lentine

When life seems to be on autopilot, no changes, no growth, same old same old, then it may be time to Put Yourself out there. We are most alive and stimulated when we are doing new things. When we pass on adventures we may feel safe, but we also could be left holding a bag of regrets. Come listen to Ursula tell you her California adventures about facing Fires and mudslides and living in uncertainty day to day. 

  • Treatment:  Life is forever unfolding, change is inevitable. When we are in alignment with the flow of life and the seasons of change, we are adaptable and fluid. Life is as easy as floating downstream. With all the direction and current changes, environments and conditions. It’s all a part of the adventure called life.  When we resist change, we resist growth and flow. Our resistance itself causes stress.  As natural change occurs, I know I have the capacity and courage to face anything, I am one individualized expression of the Divine Flow and therefore all my needs and wants are met. I am so relieved to know this, so grateful to remind myself, that I can relax into change and see it as an adventure.  I release this into the universe and so it is.

Mar 24:  Part Four – The Power of Choosing. How to Change your Mind and Keep it Changed!~Dr. Bob Deen

Why is choosing so important? How do I stick to my beliefs amid so many conflicting ideas? What steps can I take to bring order and success into my everyday living? A wishy-washy mental attitude creates a wishy-washy life. Today we explore the ways and means of establishing a strong, clear mental attitude that results in strong, clear, and chosen life experiences.

  • Affirmation: “The One Cause, being pure Mind, created me as pure Mind in action. God knows me as an intelligent vehicle to Its great ideas. Therefore, I know myself as the Mind of God in expression.  I am alert and vital…. I am Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge. Every idea I need is already within my consciousness. These ideas are now activated in my thought, and I am fully aware of them. Henceforth and forevermore, I make right decisions.”  –Raymond Charles Barker, The Power of Decision.

Mar 31: Part Five – A Vision of CSL Midtown:  Creating Intentional Spiritual Community.~Dr. Bob Deen

The ideas of New Thought are available from many places and resources. What is not available everywhere is the guidance and support for applying these ideas to our everyday lives. Intentional spiritual communities provide support, clarification, and can reveal our blind spots. We provide opportunities for individuals to grow in the fertile soil of others on similar paths who love, honor, and respect one another as expressions of the Divine. Join us as we explore ideas for intentional community and mutual growth.

  • Affirmation: Infinite Intelligence is everywhere present in every moment and every place. This means it is showing up right now as me. I am an opportunity for the Infinite to be something particular and unique. I am freed to see that uniqueness in the eyes of others and to explore my truth in relationship to others on similar paths. Today I choose to participate in conscious community in a way that enables me to practice all that I am learning about living well with freedom, joy, happiness, and fulfilment. I choose my community and it chooses me.  —Dr. Bob Deen
  • Annual Business Meeting following the service: Please stay for a short meeting to elect new board members, approve the budget, and learn of plans for the year.

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February Series Information

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Feb 10: Living Prosperously-Dr. Bob Deen 

Feb 17: Getting the Love you Want!-Dr. Bob Deen.