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Paul GonyeaMarch 25 – Reverend Paul Gonyea: “The Rhythm of Life.” Music by the inspired and inspirational Tom Woods, jazz keyboard. Service at 11:00; Adult Study Group at 10:00; guided meditation at 10:30. The historic Academy of Medicine, West Peachtree and 7th St.

“Every enlightened teacher tells us there’s a natural rhythm to the process of creation. Just like a heartbeat, it changes when the demands made upon it change, but it’s still a natural rhythm that keeps things flowing smoothly. When we use it consciously, it starts with desire, which is an inner drive for something greater. Then it moves to awareness, where our mind starts to pay attention not only to what is, but to what could be. Then we begin to see ways in which those things we desire could actually happen. And finally we take action by moving forward, then stepping back. We do it by working, then resting. We do it by focusing, then meditating. There has to be a rhythm to our efforts, or we’ll exhaust ourselves, or we’ll get fixated on one single way of accomplishing our desire.”


“All of Life moves in smooth and perfect rhythms. There is a natural ebb and flow to the Universe, so I stop worrying when things change. I can bring back anything that leaves, and I can release anything that comes. I move easily and effortlessly where spirit takes me, in perfect balance, and the universe supports me in doing so.”~ Rev.  Paul Gonyea



Life is a great gift and everything else flows from there. If Life were all we are given it would be enough of a gift to keep us in awe and gratitude forever. However, it comes with powers, benefits, and modes of operation that can support us in creating our grandest dreams. You can make something of Life. What something? You choose!




Mar 25:  Rev. Paul Gonyea speaks – Tom Wood

Apr 1:   Rev. Paul Gonyea and Rev. Bob Deen speak – Peter Cranton

Apr 8:   Rev. Bob Deen speaks – Tom Woods

Apr 15: Rev. Bob Deen speaks – Patrick Hutchison

Apr 22: Rev. Bob Deen speaks – Tom Woods

Apr 29: Rev. Bob Deen speaks – Monica Hargrave


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