We are so pleased with the success of our online meetings, and we appreciate the effort you make to join us each week and all the ways you continue to support CSL Midtown. As a spiritual community, we are eager to meet back in person for our Sunday Celebration services. We miss you! As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to unfold, the safety of our community members, visitors, and staff is our highest priority. While we affirm and know nothing but perfect health and wholeness for all of you, we are not willing to risk possible infection spread by holding face to face gatherings. Because of this, we have made the decision to suspend in-person services for the remainder of 2020. As disappointing as this seems, we are excited about six more months of virtual services on Zoom and Facebook Live! Rev Dr Bob Deen and the Board of Trustees are currently exploring ideas to improve our online experience. We welcome your ideas and feedback, and look forward to serving you in even more creative ways. We believe this is an opportunity for CSL Midtown to grow and thrive in new and unexpected ways—let us see who we become! Communication is the key to making this work! Please stay connected and informed via: 

cslmidtown.org (email/newsletter sign up)




“Sunday Celebration Link to Zoom”

Join our Sunday Celebration Online by clicking the links below or by listening on your phone. If requested, use password 642540.

Our service will be hosted online by a product called Zoom. You may connect to it three ways. 
  1. Click on the picture above to use the browser (www) version.
  2. Download the Zoom app and use meeting ID 4049961302.
  3. Listen only by dialing in by phone, use meeting ID 4049961302. 
  • +1 646 876 9923 US (Eastern US)
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Sunday Celebrations for July 2020 – Unchained Spirituality

Join us as we continue the CSL Home Office’s program that walks through the SOM textbook with the goal of firmly grounding all followers in the SOM philosophy. We typically meet on Sundays, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Academy of Medicine, 875 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta GA 30309. However, due to COVID-19 closures, our talks will be online via Zoom.  

July 5: Free at Last – Freedom is as much part of our Human nature as curiosity and love. It is not something we have to create. It is something that we must recognize and “walk out’ into our experience. When Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ended his speech saying, “Free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” he was stating a powerful call to action Earlier in the speech he declared we  “Let freedom ring…” If we are letting it ring, then freedom must already have the impetus to ring and we simply are invited to let it be. He was affirming for all of us that in Truth we are free. As we “let it have expression” in our individual lives it adds to the expression of Freedom for everyone.
Affirmation:  I know and live in divine freedom and every day I take action to share that freedom with the world. 

Introductory video from Rev. Viljoen.

July 12: None Are Free Until All Are Free – As we all move toward a greater expression of freedom in our lives, we affect the unfolding freedom for everyone. The accumulated beliefs of the human race tell us that our freedom can be limited by the actions and beliefs of others. However, in a Universe of Oneness and Unity with the Divine, where Freedom is whole and complete inside each of us, why can’t we the fullness of Freedom? Through Spiritual Practice followed by Divinely Inspired action we can live freedom in out time NOW.
Affirmation: I make no secret of my connection with the Divine, but give it freely for the liberation of Mankind. 

Introductory video from Rev. Viljoen.

July 19: The Truth Will Set You Free – “You shall know the Truth shall set you free.” Every day and at times in each moment we are choosing how we shall live our lives. Upon what do we base our decisions, choices, behavior, and passions? Is principle or precedent the governing factor for how we show up in the world? Now more than ever is the time for us to stand on and apply the Truth that sets us free.
Affirmation: I recognize the Truth that the Infinite lives within me and expresses Its divine nature in me, as me and through me. 

Introductory video from Rev. Viljoen. ​

July 26: The Tao of Freedom – Freedom is more than something to receive. It is also a verb and really only has meaning and power as we use it. It is a quality of God that cannot be bound, enslaved, or imprisoned which means the Truth of us is also Freedom as a Divine Right, A Divine way of life.
Affirmation: My freedom is the awareness that all things live together for the good of all other things, and for the greater good of life itself.

Introductory video from Rev. Viljoen.

Sunday Schedule:  All programs besides the Sunday Celebration are currently on hiatus due to COVID-19 shutdowns. 

There’s lots going on Sundays with CSL Midtown at the Academy of Medicine, 875 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta GA 30309

  • 10:00-10:50  Adult Study Discussion of The Science of Mind
  • 10:30-10:45  Meditation
  • 11:00-12:00  Sunday Celebration with Dr. Bob Deen (See above)
  • 11:00-12:00  Youth Program for ages 3-12
  • 11:00-12:00  Teen Program ages 13-18 (First 3 Sundays of the month)
  • 12:00-12:30 Fellowship & Coffee (First Sunday of the month)
  • 12:15-12:30 Newcomer Introduction (Second Sunday of the month)


Missed a talk in the Series?

Listen to past talks on PODBEAN.
Listen to past talks on ITUNES.



June 2020 – Mindfulness for Mavericks 

  • June 7: Just Breath
  • June 14: Mindful Intentions
  • June 21: Mindful Speech
  • June 28: Mindful Action

May 2020 – Listen to Your Heart 

  • May 3: Seat of the Soul
  • May 10: Listen to Your Heart
  • May 17: The Great Work of Your Life
  • May 24: The Path Made Clear
  • May 31: These Hands

April 2020 – Bright Beginnings

  • Apr 5: Bright Beginnings
  • Apr 12: Broken Open
  • Apr 19: Your Future is Unwritten
  • Apr 26: Fire in the Belly

March 2020: We see the Divine Feminine beyond gender. It is the Givingness of Spirit to Itself

  • Mar 1: The wHoly Re-Imagined
  • Mar 8: Our Living Legacy
  • Mar 15: The Law as Womb
  • Mar 22: Nurturing as Strength
  • Mar 29: Spirit Is Every Gender

February 2020: All the Colors of Love

  • Feb 2: For the Love of God
  • Feb 9: The Body Is Not an Apology
  • Feb 16: It’s Like You’re My Mirror, guest Rev Cath DePalma
  • Feb 23: Sacred Sexuality

January 2020: Getting Grounded 

  • Jan 5: In The Beginning: God
  • Jan 12: The Power of Thought
  • Jan 19: The Principles of Successful Living
  • Jan 26: What the Mystics Have Taught