Unlimited Growth
John Karn, RScP

KarnLast week’s talk was about growth.  We often feel pain as we grow and as adults, we will do anything we can to avoid painful situations to the point of secluding ourselves.  This teaching allows us to train our mind to focus on the good that has come and to let go of the negatives.  What came to my mind as I listened to Paul this past Sunday, was my journey with public speaking.  It’s been a very slow, and at times, painful process.  I am now moving onward to the challenges of the more advanced toastmasters clubs, some of whom require auditioning just to join.  I’ve learned not to compare myself to others, but to instead compare myself to where I was when I started.  An experienced Toastmaster taught me that. We never compete with each other, we’re competing with ourselves.  So I use this teaching to calm my mind and to know that greater good is available to me. And for heaven’s sake, stop worrying about what anyone else thinks.  Celebrate your progress.  Celebrate your uniqueness.  If we were all meant to be the same there would be no benefit to our being here.  Many blessings to you this week.