The source of the word “heal” is the same as for the word “whole.” It means “to bring together.” We heal a wound by bringing the flesh together until it becomes one again. We heal conflict, or lack, or anger or hatred or despair, by bringing together our spiritual awareness of the Truth with our physical experience. And we do this by knowing, through affirmative prayer, that the spiritual and the physical are One. We don’t just “hope” that things will work out for the best. We KNOW, because we know the spiritual nature of the universe, that Life is meant to flow easily and to work well. Even when what we see is shocking or senseless or tragic, we know at the core of our being that what we see may be what has been created by the prevailing attitude of the world — BUT IT IS NOT GOD’S TRUTH! And if we’re smart, and we remain balanced, and centered, mentally and spiritually — we do not allow it to become our Truth, either.

Whatever our spiritual path, whatever God we believe in, we can only experience as much good in our life as we make room for in our consciousness. That means the more we learn to expect the best, to always welcome greater opportunities, to see the good when it isn’t obvious, and to imagine great things happening to us and through us — the better our life and our world will be. That alone is a very good reason to learn what this teaching has to offer.