This month we are concentrating on the spiritual principle of abundance as we commit to the practice of reading spiritual mind treatments every morning and evening as suggested by Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science. Holmes wrote “the purpose of such prayer is to aid in our conscious recognition of and unification with, Spirit as All-knowing, All-powerful, and Ever-present-and then allow this awareness to guide our thinking along a specific line of realization to the revelation of God-Only, behind a particular condition.”

Holmes wrote in Creative Mind, answering the question: “What happens in that space between our prayers”? Holmes wrote in Creative Mind:

We cannot make affirmations for fifteen minutes
a day and spend the rest of our time denying the
things which we have affirmed, and affirming
the thing which we have denied, and obtain the
results which we seek.

We must realize that we are in constant communion with Spirit. We must consciously live our prayers and choose our thoughts carefully each moment, if we want to change our lives. As we recognize that the space between prayers is indeed sacred as well as creative, then we live in a state of continued peace and assurance.

In her book, The Sacred Continuum-Our Life Between Prayers, Stephanie Sorenson wrote that “unless we learn to support our prayers with our daily thoughts and words rather than unraveling them with opposing thoughts of doubt and fear, and unless we make our prayers practical in, and applicable to, our moment-to-moment activities, we shall not experience ourselves as whole, a complete expression of Spirit, something beautiful, fulfilled, and lacking nothing. Instead we shall continue to feel incomplete, a work in progress that is neither completely material nor wholly spiritual.”

Let us use each eloquent Spiritual Mind Treatment or affirmative prayer as a formula for living our lives on a spiritual basis, not only when we pray, but every moment in between. There is only one Power and Presence in the Universe and we are one with It. And so it Is!