Most of us who are attracted to teachings like this one are spiritual seekers. We’ve taken countless classes and seminars which support our spiritual growth. We have a stack of books by our bed that reaches to the ceiling. We’re tuned in and turned on to any new metaphysical writer or teacher who comes down the pike. We can’t help it. We’re open to God showing up in any and every way It can, even if it does cost us a thousand dollars for a three-day seminar.

I can’t help thinking, though, that sometimes we’re more concerned with “taking information in” than we are in using the knowledge and wisdom we already have in the best way possible. That’s one of the potential drawbacks to spiritual wandering. We may always be looking for another way to “tweak” our consciousness so we can get just a little bit closer to enlightenment. What we eventually discover is that there’s always one more place to look.  
~Rev. Paul Gonyea