Any person who remembers that the Source of all abundance, all success and all joy is within, expressed through intelligent ideas and a passion for life, that person is doing what we’re all meant to do. They are manifesting new and greater experiences out of the infinite potential for good that we call God. That may not be what you hear on CNBC, but I promise you it’s the truth.

Metaphysically speaking, abundance is unlimited. That’s because all the physical things we see, like money and commerce and stocks, come from invisible things like ideas, creativity and imagination. And because there is no limit to those invisible things, there must not be a limit to the visible things either.

It’s time we started paying more attention to the invisible reality than the visible appearance. In other words, instead of just trying to protect our job or our savings, let’s start protecting our mind from all the toxic messages swirling around us. Let’s get back to basics: We live in a universe of infinite abundance, expressed in infinite variety. As creative beings, we are the ones who make the choices that set the Law of Abundance in motion. And Spirit is constantly giving to us all the support we need to create the results we desire. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.