Divine Spirit is present everywhere, is present throughout me, all about me and within everything in the universe.  It is Pure Love, Pure Peace, is Ever Present and all of the attributes of Source are also within me.  I rejoice in the unification with the Divine and know that I am One with All. As I am enfolded with Peace throughout every cell and fiber of my body, I recognize and absolutely believe in the sacredness of this experience.  All longing ceases, all doubts leave, and any fears are miraculously released.  The feeling of safety embraces me and that feeling is readily recognized at all levels within–the body changes its vibration to stillness recognizing the Divine throughout, all levels of the mind identifies Pure Presence and Spirit throughout me knows Its Own.  I cease judgment on external factors which have the appearance of anything which might create fear in me and I focus on the knowing that all is well, all is Good and all is God.  I convey this feeling of safety to those I meet, knowing that my thoughts and feelings have power and I have the skills, and even the responsibility, to return to the feeling of safety during any event or encounter which may be pulling me in the direction of fear or doubt.  I am filled with gratitude for this knowing of Presence and know I am never separated from the Divine.  I now release these words to Universal Law knowing that all is already complete.  And so it is.