This September, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Peru and spend some time at a retreat center called Samana Wasi which means, “House of Rest”. What I ended up resting was the part of my mind that was blocking me to truly feel and see who my authentic self was.  I was provided a chance to allow myself to see what choices I have been making that do align with who I am and which ones don’t.  From alignment with my sacred self I am able to look at my choices and not judge them. From alignment with my sacred self, I can look at my choices with compassion and love.  From alignment with my sacred self, I am able to shift my perception and create a more honest choice. It is in this pure honesty that I can see where I am at in life and observe what I would like to do.  Why is this important?  Peru answered, “Because we came to the Earth to be happy!” That is the pure truth and that is the alignment with my sacred self. This leads me to the discovery of who I am… Who am I? I am pure joy! This is the gift I share with everyone I come into contact with.  This allowed me to return home and bring that to everyone else.  We all have a gift. We all have something to share. We all are here to be happy.  What is your gift? I know you know. I can’t wait for it to be shared with me and the rest of the world. We are all looking forward to it!  A

nd so it is….