I know there is only ONE; a magnificently fertile and ever-expanding presence that I call God. Infinite and all encompassing, God is the sole source and substance of all things continuously creating perfect life through me, in me, as me. This is great news! For like God, I too am a perfect being and conscious creator of life. I know that my life is an exact replica of my beliefs, thoughts and expectations and that change is just a thought away.

Totally fearless and without hesitation, I claim a fruitful and luxuriant life teeming with prosperity.

“YES, YES, YES,” I shout stepping aside and letting life freely flow through me. I am the nucleus of an ever-expanding whirlwind of rich and vibrant colors, infectious laughter, priceless friendships and money, money and more money. My life is bursting with fun, success, adventure and countless opportunities. I am so happy always radiating joy and warmth wherever I go. It’s so great to be me!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This is my truth. I know it. I accept it. I let it go and know that it is already so.