Paul GonyeaWhen we begin our day with some sort of spiritual practice, whether it’s meditation, prayer, treatment or reading Creative Thought magazine, we remind ourselves of the Truth which states that this so-called “physical universe” is nothing more than energy shaped by intelligence. That intelligence is the One Mind, the Infinite Creative Consciousness, the Source of All There Is. And we are not just “part of It”; we are One with It. We are both Creator — and we are God’s Creation.

There is no “one right way” to enhance our connection with our Higher Power. Each of us is completely unique in so many ways, and our personal spiritual practice is no different. The only thing we really need to do, as so many spiritual teachers have told us, is to “practice the presence of God,” in whatever way we choose to do it. Once that becomes an integral part of our life, we will finally understand the meaning of words like “transformation” and “enlightenment” — because they will have become a perfectly natural part of our life experience. That’s when we will finally know that we know all we need to know.