Rita O'Brien
Here is a meditation to read and absorb when things are troubling you and you are not quite sure how to shift things. Read and be with it every day until and after you feel the shift.

My peace is at the Heart of God. The heart of God, for me, is found at the very center of my being. It does not matter how closely the confusion of the outer world presses against me, I am not even disturbed by the confusion in my immediate environment. I know that the only way to counteract confusion or chaos, is to bring peace into play. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.” These words of assurance stay with me, and I hear them re-echoing in the depths of my being.

I surrender all of my fears–those nameless fears which have been with me, dulling my pleasure and clouding my days with misery and apprehension . I am now through with misery and apprehension. I am now through with fear. What, indeed, is there for a Divine and Immortal to fear? Certainly not people or circumstances for I am a Divine and Immortal being, so is every man and every woman, and everyone is my sibling. I recognize the One Life Principle, working in and through and inspiring the motives of everyone I contact.

I do not fear sickness, disease or death, because the eternal and perfect Life animates my body and goes always about Its perfect work, healing and renewing that body. I am not afraid of want or lack, for the infinite Essence supplies me with everything I need all of the time. There is nothing for me to fear, for I am an inseparable part of God, I live in Spirit; Spirit lives in me: and I draw upon Its perfect peace.

My Peace is Found at the Heart of God. In gratitude, I know that I am connected. I am secure, completely safe and loved!

(adapted from Science of Mind, Ernest Holme