Man is One with God is taught by Dr. Ernest Holmes and there is within us that which is the nature of Divine Spirit. What a powerful concept this has been for many of us to grasp! A number of religions teach that we are separate from God and the followers are told to search for the Divine. Both I and others tried hard to do just that.
Because the messages of separation came from attending gatherings which focused on these teachings, it was easy to accept some of the beliefs about Divine Spirit based on the authority the speaker held and repetition of the messages. When I first began attending New Thought services and began pondering the idea that God is truly is everywhere, I recall being told “Just go within”. I was not evolved enough to know what I was to do with that directive. I wanted to do something, to take some action other than sitting quietly, not believing that to be enough. Besides, my mind was a mass of busy chatter and it had to be busy since I was engaging in a lot of fear thinking. I didn’t know how to release the fear or the repetitive thoughts. Nor had I yet heard “Change your thinking, change your life”. Over time, I embraced that truth and applied the teaching to my own life. And my life changed.  Affirmations help maintain a focus on Oneness with Divine Spirit.
Examples are;
God and I are One.
The Divine within never leaves me.
Divine Spirit is in each and every cell and fiber of my body.
I am never alone in that I am never separate from God.
Divine Spirit is health at the highest level.
I release any residue unlike Divine Spirit.
I feel safe knowing the God of my own Inner Life.
In maintaining this consciousness of Oneness, Holmes said, “We should expect the best, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience.” And with embracing this concept of Oneness, there is no room for fear and doubt to dominate.
And so it is.