Name Dropping
Jon Lopez, RScP
Jon William Lopez
Lately I’ve been sharing on Facebook who I’ve been working with while doing background extra work in some of the movies and TV shows shooting here in Atlanta. A few people have commented that I’m bragging or name-dropping. The truth is I’m thrilled and awed to be on the same set as these actors, a privilege that Mrs. Lopez’s star-struck little boy from Puerto Rico would never have imagined in his wildest dreams! My “name dropping” is simply my way of sharing and expressing the excitement of my experience. A few months ago, when things were slow for me, I was experiencing a severe financial crisis and it seemed I no longer had anything to contribute as far as practical skills I could use to support myself, doing background extra work was a lifesaver. After 2 failed attempts at steady work, it seemed that this was one thing I could do that required no skills or experience, just a willingness to show up and be a blur in the background! Driving one morning to an early call, I remember being so grateful as I realized that, next to my photography, and having a background in film, this was the “work” I loved doing most. Apparently, the Universe, which is always “listening” and always says “yes!” responded in kind and has manifested an abundance of opportunities for me for work on several of the movies and TV shows shooting in Atlanta. As a result I have been on set with amazing people like Robert Redford, Kate Winslet and Oprah (there, I’ve dropped a few names and am proud of it!) As if to remind me of the source of all this good, my latest gig as a “nondescript crowd onlooker” was filmed on the steps of the Academy of Medicine in midtown Atlanta, the very building where CSL Midtown holds its services! I get it, God! Full circle! Thank you!
The Universe is always listening and responds in kind. Think only the thoughts and have the intentions you actually want to experience in your life. Consciously or unconsciously, they go out into the Universe and are imprinted on Subjective Mind for immediate manifestation. Knowingly or not, you will see the results!
Jon William Lopez, RScP
CSL Midtown