2020 Adult Study Group
Join us on an amazing spiritual journey in 2020.  Your CSL Midtown Practitioners and the Adult Study Group invite you to join us as we read the textbook that started it all…
The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition by Ernest Holmes.
  • Develop your Daily Spiritual Practice
  • Read 2-3 pages per day
  • Follow a proven outline and complete in one year.
  • Join us to discuss the prior week’s reading at 10 am on Sunday morning before the Sunday Talk.


  1. Start anytime during 2020.
  2. Order “The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition” by Ernest Holmes. Available on Amazon.com and elsewhere.
  3. Grab the “Reading Outline” (PDF), or pick up a hard copy in the lobby prior to our Sunday Talk.
  4. Each morning or evening, depending on your daily spiritual practice, read the section indicated in the outline.  Note: You can start any day of the year.
  5. If you want, attend the Adult Study Group from 10:00-10:50 am on Sunday mornings at the Academy of Medicine in Midtown, Atlanta, where we will discuss the past 7 days of reading as a group.
  6. Note: The Definitive Edition was originally published in 1938. There are three different cover, any of which work.