Paul GonyeaOur spiritual practice is the counterbalance to our metaphysical wanderlust. By spiritual practice, I mean the way in which we use what we have. That means using what we’ve learned, of course, to expand our ability to pray and meditate and affirm our good. But it also means using the spiritual wisdom we were born with, which is something books may talk about, but only our soul can feel. It means using our inborn spiritual awareness, our deep, inner desire to know and to express both God and Life (or should I say God AS Life).

As we combine these two elements of our divinity — our ability to learn (the “mind” part) and our passion for Spirit (the “heart” part), we find that our ability to blend the spiritual and the material parts of our life becomes much stronger. Instead of constantly looking for the presence of God in all things, we start to approach every part of our life with an inner awareness of the constant ever-presence of God. That may not sound like a major difference, but I assure you that it makes all the difference in the world.