Make Joy A Priority!

Catherin Ellis, RScP

Increase your awareness about the nature of your thoughts.

With intention weed out negative thoughts about yourself and your life.   Never end “I am…” with a negative.   Tune out the critical voice in your head.  Ignore negative or hurtful people.

You are first cause to your experience.  Your decisions determine what shows up in your world.  Stop complaining.  Quit telling your story or feeling sorry for yourself.  Give up the victimhood tiara.    Leave the past in the past.

Stop fighting with what is.  Accept what is and move on.  Set your intention.   A favorite expression is, “I can hardly wait to see what good is going to come out of this!”

Re-write your secret resume.  Forgive yourself.  Remove any negative labels you have accepted.   Heal from past damage.  Release comes from forgiveness, so forgive freely.   Don’t compare yourself to others.  Make a list of things you like about yourself; continue to add to the list.  Learn self-care, self-love, and self-celebration.  Smile.

Create a greater idea about God.  Develop a regular spiritual practice. Create a greater idea about yourself.  Envision what makes you happy.

Ask yourself on a regular basis, “What am I grateful for?”, “How can I love myself more?”, “What do I want in life?”   Get excited about your good.   Happiness is your right and your responsibility.