I have many friends who are artists, chefs, photographers, dancers, and musicians. I love being around them because when they are IN THE ZONE, they are beautiful expressions of the DIVINE.  Often while they are performing or working, there are several occasions when time seems to stop and all you experience is the movement, the color, the flash of a camera light, or the sounds of their voices and/or instruments all coming together to create a beautiful masterpiece.  The elation and joy that I feel when I am in the midst of  their artistic energy is same joy I experience when I am communing with the ALLNESS of Spirit.
Being in the presence of Source, knowing it is supporting our highest and greatest expressions, to the degree that we allow it to show up in our individual experiences, is so magnificent that at times it brings tears to my eyes and/or takes my breath away.  In that moment of AWE it all clicks for me, WE ARE all divine masterpieces of SPIRIT!  Each day we are painting the canvas’ of our lives. We are the instruments of our own orchestras.  Every moment we have the choice to co-create our own life’s expression. This is truly the gift of our human experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity to co-create my own living art.
So when you see a piece of art that moves you, or hear a song that pulls you into the vortex of joy, or you taste a culinary delicacy that tantalizes your every taste bud, know that these are grand expressions of the divine, but remember, SO ARE YOU!