Joy! What a great feeling! Joy has been defined as great happiness; not

just happiness, but great happiness. We know that special feeling when

it occurs in our experiences though we often don’t even think in terms

of activating it deliberately and that we can promote that wonderful

feeling more frequently. The nature of the Law of Attraction is that our

thoughts vibrate and that draw back to us that which is like itself and

that knowing alone gives us the tool to manifest more joy in our life.
I recently was pulling weeds from my garden and recognized joy in the

feel of the cool soil, the warmth of the sun on my back and the

possibility of a few more tomatoes. At that point, I expanded my

appreciation for the things about me. .. blooming black-eyed susans, a

few roses, a cardinal and even a humming bird. In focusing on that brief

action, I lengthened my experience of joy. Since that occurred , I now

incorporate the recognition, appreciation and experience

(manifestation) as I go through my day. What a gift to myself! What a

gift from the Universe!