Our Highest Potential
Apriel Jessup, RScP

After a very full Memorial Day weekend, I was relaxing and watching Oprah’s interview with Shawn Achor.  One statement that struck me as really profound was when he was speaking of how the ancient Greeks defined happiness. He said,” Happiness is the joy we feel, when we are striving toward our potential. This immediately resonated with me.  I became grateful for the hard teachers, uncomfortable interactions, and less desirable circumstances that I have experienced throughout my life’s journey. They have helped me get to where I am today, which is in more in tune with myself.  The still quiet voice that says no, wait, or screams YES has served as my internal compass. All I ever had to do was stop and listen.

 In the past, I was too busy doing this or that and moving at a thousand miles a minute. Don’t get me wrong, I still often catch myself getting out of balance, but one thing is for sure is that, I catch myself!  This allows me to refocus, just take a breathe, and bask in the JOYOUS moment that is now!  So as we get out of our own way, we can move rhythmically, supported, loved, and embraced by the universe to our HIGHEST potential.