Often when we think, we are so unaware of the nature or flow of our thoughts that we are having. We pay little attention to whether they are good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, positive or negative, emotional or spiritual, we often just have no idea. We just allow the thoughts to come forward, not understand the condition these thoughts are creating.

That could be so dangerous, almost like cars in traffic with no red lights, signs or with no directions. We would not think about driving without there being some universal laws or organized system in which everyone that drives must use. It would be for the safety of all involved.

So it is with our thoughts. There are Universal Laws in which all thoughts are governed. It is up to us to learn these universal laws that govern all things.  In driving, we understand so well what the danger is and what could happen without knowing the traffic laws. We understand how reckless that would be and govern ourselves accordingly. As together as a society, we have created a respected system around the idea of driving.  It is up to us to understand the respected thought system in place.  

Wouldn’t it be so great if we all were aware of the harm that reckless thoughts could do to ourselves, our dreams, our families, our goals, our desires and others? Wouldn’t it be great if we paid attention to which thoughts created the experience of abundance, prosperity and which thoughts created poverty? How about being aware of which thoughts created health and those that created illness, or being aware of the thoughts that create love and the thoughts that create hate. How about being aware of the thoughts that created the experience of fear, lack, isolation, separation, you get the picture, huh.

So, I ask this question, “Who or what is driving your thoughts. What is the nature or flow of your thoughts?”  By being aware of the flow of our thoughts, we can instantly empower ourselves and change the direction or experience to one of Love, Health, Abundance, Peace, Joy, Spirit, Truth, Oneness, etc., just whatever we choose or desire. And that is the beauty of knowing of such a Divine Universal System that we have.

We must become aware of the experience created by our thoughts and the direction of our thoughts or we may find ourselves in a reckless mess. If not, we can seek comfort in reaching out for the help of others in getting our thoughts in order or flowing in a pattern of Harmony. Let us know there is comfort in bringing healing right into this very moment, when we know and understand these Universal Laws.

Hey, Here’s a thought;  isn’t it just wonderful to know through the use of these Universal Laws, we can change any unwanted experience or condition into one that we desire! And so it is!!!