Ernest Holmes is the founder of the philosophy that we follow which is best known as “Religious Science”.  This philosophy brings together thoughts and lessons from many different philosophies and religions and Mr. Holmes captured this teaching in his 1926 book, “The Science of Mind” which is also known as “The Textbook of Religious Science”.

In “LESSON TWO:  INTRODUCTION”, Mr. Holmes shares some of his thoughts of the divinity of man and man’s Indwelling Spirit which is God in man… God in each one of us.

Here is a story from that text…


To return to individuality; it is that which distinguishes man from the mere brute creation; it is the greater Incarnation of God in the human; the Indwelling Spirit of the Most High.

Man is created and left to discover himself, and on the road to this self-discovery he experiences the creations of his own imaginations which ultimately show him the Truth and lead to real freedom.

There is an interesting myth in regard to the creating of man which may serve to point out this fact. It is said that when the gods decided to make man, and make him a Divine Being, they held a long discussion as to where would be the best place to hide his Divinity. Some of the gods suggested that it be hidden in the earth, but others argued that someday man would penetrate the earth and so discover himself; it was then suggested that it be hidden in the depths of the sea, but this idea was rejected, for man would go under the sea and there discover his true nature; it was next suggested that his real nature should be deposited somewhere in the air, but this also was rejected, for he would surely fly through the air and find himself. After a long discussion, it was finally agreed that the best place to hide man’s Divinity would be IN THE INNERMOST NATURE OF MAN HIMSELF–this being the last place he would look to find it!

This discovery would not be made until he had had all the experience necessary to complete a well-rounded life. “The Word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it.”

Of course, this is a fable, but how clearly it sets forth the reality of the case! The word is really in our own mouths, and every time we say “I AM” we are repeating it; for “I AM” is the secret of nature and the emblem of Eternity.

~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, 1926

A Treatment

In this philosophy, a “Treatment” is an “Affirmative Prayer”.  When we speak a Treatment, we speak in the first person and use the words “I AM” and “I KNOW” because these words remind us of our true nature… the truth that God is hidden within each of us.

Our words are powerful.  So, we must be careful.  Because every time we say “I AM” or “I KNOW” we are co-creating our own universe… we are co-creating the world around us.

I offer this Treatment for myself and for everyone within the sound of my voice (or anyone who reads these words) in hopes that is will remind us of the power of the divinity within.

Please remove everything from your lap, uncross your arms and legs, then relax in your seat.  Breathe deeply… in and out…. and know this with me if you will…

I KNOW that there is one God, one Absolute Power, one Source of all there is.  I choose to call this power “Source”.

I KNOW that everything around me, everything seen and unseen, was created by Source… As an expression of Source… and out of no-thing except Source.

I KNOW that I was created by Source… As an expression of Source… and created out of no-thing except Source.  Because Source is hidden within me, I am a divine being.  A divine being living a human existence.

Therefore, I AM an expression of Source… A creation of Source… I AM Source…

I KNOW that Source is Healthy… That Source is Abundant… That Source is Loved… That Source has access to all that it needs and all that it desires…

Therefore, I AM Healthy… I AM Abundant… I AM Loved… and I HAVE access to all that I need and all that I desire…

The Word of Source, the Word of God, created everything that there is in this universe… seen and unseen.  The Word of Source is powerful.

And, since I am a divine being… since Source is within me… MY WORD is also powerful.

So, I release my word into the Universe knowing that they will create health, abundance, love, and anything else that I need or desire.  My word will not return to me void.

And… Together we say… “And so it is!”