Catherine Ellis, RScP

Most of us never question our concept of Spirit.  We have beliefs that have gathered like the clutter in our basements.  Some beliefs came from old movies with Charleton Heston., spectacular cinematography, waters parting.   Some were flavored with Tammy Faye Baker’s mascara running and the PTL club. There was Rev Ike and a lot of folks asking for money and bringing no logic to the table.   Lasting impressions of some that assaulted children or went to prison for fraud.  The pulpit offered little except to reinforce a judgmental, arbitrary power and that I was a sinner.  I had a general distrust of religion.  I felt disconnected from God, from you, from myself.  I felt unlovable by God, unworthy.  I needed a Spring Cleaning of my beliefs.

I found this teaching back in the 80’s.  I learned what thoughts and beliefs were constructive in my life and those that were not, that I did not have to be a victim to what was “playing” in my head.   I took classes.  I started to question almost everything.

I use the logic brush to shake off some dusty ideas about God, about life.  I live an empowered life of choices.  I am mindful to be present.  I continue to develop a user-friendly God, a God that supports me.

I know now that I have a spiritual responsibility to practice self-care, self-love, enjoy life and be of service– all one thought at a time.