“God is my instant, constant and abundant source of supply” Eric Butterworth

All of Life is mine to use for the expansion of goodness in my experience.  The Infinite Mind cannot by It’s very nature withhold any ideas from my consciousness.  I am the means by which the Infinite creates on the level of the finite.  I am total Mind in action at this moment and throughout this day.  All the ideas that I need now or at any time in the future are in my consciousness right now.

Knowing this clearly, I let prosperity happen.  I mentally accept this as a completed and fulfilled idea in my consciousness.  Any and all subconscious patterns which are contrary to this Truth are now erased and gone from my thought.  All that I need to prosper in every area of my life is now in action and I give this omnipotent creative flow my complete cooperation.  I expect the greatest that can be to now take place in my affairs.

I am prosperity.  I think prosperity.  I live prosperity.  I have no condemnation of money in my life or in how others choose to use their money.  My money is spiritual in cause and wonderful in effect.  I use it with wisdom.  I appreciate all of its benefits.  It is constant evidence of the glory of God giving me security, peace of mind, freedom, happiness and joy. I am enriched by the Truth of my Being.  Releasing these words into Law, I let them be so … And so it is!