I have learned that Facebook has gotten to be somewhat of a vice.  Like most people, I like to look at it once or twice a day and inevitably there is something on there that makes me feel like I’m a little more in touch with someone I haven’t see in a while, or I come across something inspirational.  The times when I’m away from the computer for a couple of days I tend to feel that I have missed something.  I have friends that will spend the better part of their evenings on Facebook, fortunately; I’m still able to walk away after a relatively short time.

One of the things I like about Facebook is the birthday reminders.  I even get the email notifications that “today” is so-and-so’s birthday.  I’m usually pretty good about sending out the birthday greetings even to someone I haven’t seen in years.  It’s kind of like a moment of “I’m thinking of you” in this busy world where our orbits long ago went their separate ways.

Recently I celebrated another birthday and because my chronological age far exceeds my imaginary age, I chose to lay low.  However, because Facebook knows and broadcasts everything, I was the recipient of well over 100 birthday messages.  After the initial reaction of “gee they shouldn’t have,” I found the gratitude space and allowed the good thoughts and well wishes to life me up.  What I find interesting is that I have no problem sending birthday wishes to others, but when it comes to receiving them I feel that others shouldn’t have made a fuss.  Giving is so much easier than receiving and there is less indebtedness.

In the book The Power of Receiving by Amanda Owen she writes “An experienced Receiver does not fear being indebted to the Giver because the gate of giving and receiving swings both ways – receiving sometimes and giving at other times.  It is only when you don’t have practice at both that it is easy to be confused about what your needs and rights are.”

There was something quite amazing about the array of people who communicated to me on that day.  And who knew; Facebook can even reveal the power of receiving if you only allow it.