During the month of October the CSL Midtown Practitioners will host an INCREASED PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS program called the Abundance Plus Program.

 The A+ Program will focus on ALL aspects of prosperity, from wealth, health, love, work, and ALL other opportunities.

CSLM’S ABUNDANCE PLUS program is designed to ignite your prosperity consciousness. Each day during the month of October, a Practitioner will do treatments for your increased prosperity consciousness.

At the same time, each day you will do your own prosperity consciousness-building work such as:

* Writing or stating your own treatments

* Creating positive affirmations for yourself

* Meditating or other spiritual practices

* Reading daily some sort of  Prosperity Treatment

KEEP IT FLOWING! For the ABUNDANCE PLUS program to work best for you, keep the FLOW OF PROSPERITY going. PAY IT FORWARD!

It doesn’t matter to us where you share your new prosperity, JUST SHARE IT!As always, we appreciate your support of CSLM and we honor and respect when you share with others.


Give some of your new prosperity to a friend in need, a family member, your favorite charity or wherever you get your spiritual nourishment and/or Volunteer your time somewhere

If you would like to share with CSLM, here are some suggested ways you can express your prosperity:

* By making an online donation
* By making a special contribution by mail or on Sunday
* Become a CSLM Pillar
* Volunteer your time with CSLM’s YouthCare Program, become an usher or greeter, or help with Sunday service.

 Click Here for program flyer.  Click Here to sign up online.