Lately I’ve been talking with a lot of people who are really nervous, if not downright scared. They’re worried about their job. They’re worried about their income and their savings. In fact, they’re so worried that it’s negatively affecting their health and their relationships, and that worries them even more.

Of course, it’s not hard to see why. We’ve got bad news being thrown at us from every direction, 24/7. You can’t turn on the TV, go online, or have a conversation without someone talking about how bad things are and saying they’re only going to get worse. Everybody is trying to outdo everyone else with horror stories about portfolio meltdowns, deteriorating home values and loss of job, insurance, automobile, 401K, or something else. When all we hear is bad news, that’s all we think about. Right? Well, not exactly.

The truth is, in every industry that’s having problems, there are people both inside and outside that industry who are sowing the seeds for innovation, future growth and major prosperity. For every ten people who are sitting at home depressed because their company folded, or running around desperately seeking any job (however unpleasant) to pay their bills, there is one person who sees opportunity in being laid off. They may not know exactly what it looks like, but they know it’s there.

The difference lies in whether someone is looking outside of themselves for an answer, or whether they are listening inside themselves and asking intelligent questions. The person who looks to the world for salvation will never receive more than the world is willing to give. And when the world is filled with fear, there usually isn’t much offered.