VISTA 2021 is CSL’s 4-Day Virtual Convention creating global connection beyond the limitations of physical time and space. As we all adjust to the expansion of virtual communication, we’ll come together to be lifted up in a deeper connection. Join us for  inspiring talks and conversations, live music performances, and interactive workshops designed to set you up for success –  ALL live-streamed from around the globe into the comfort of your home or community. To learn more and register, visit

SOAR! Aug 26-29, 2021

Summer retreats have been a long-standing tradition of our movement for over 50 years. In 2017, our summer retreat was reinvented and our new event was born…SOAR! This event takes place every other year in the late-summer. While it is held in various locations around the globe, our connection and community never changes. The minute you step onto the grounds of SOAR, you will feel the sense of belonging, connection and like-minded energy of Science of Mind. To learn more visit