Jon Lopez I’m not sure why, but even as a practitioner I am always amazed when the Universe comes through with a demonstration (or demonstrations) even when I have no clue how it could possibly happen.

 Last week my computer imploded and the hard drive needed to be replaced. I’d gotten a quote from a local iHospital for a certain amount and wondered how I could possibly come up with the money in a timely manner, since other little things like car insurance and car payments were due and had to be accounted for before anything else. However, I do business from my computer and not having it, even for a short time, was like having my arms (not to mention my livelihood) cut off! This was a situation that had to be handled, and quickly, no matter what else might be going on.

I “casually” mentioned my situation to another practitioner here at the Center (she knows who she is, and I love how with  there are no problems, only perfect outcome). She immediately recommended a guy she knows, who gave me a quote for over $100.00 less than the first people! I didn’t even mind that I had to drive all the way to McDonough to take the computer in. (Seemingly) miraculously, the money for the repair showed up. And although all the essential software I needed in order to work and conduct my business was lost, the Universe again stepped up and provided the ways and means to re-purchase it at greatly reduced prices! (Unforseen sales, month-to-month rather than lump-sum payments, free downloads, etc.) Thank you Spirit!

There really are no “miracles” of course, only the Spiritual Laws of the Universe that we can learn to use once we become aware of them. Science of Mind teaches that everything in our experience manifests as a result of our beliefs, thoughts and words, whether conscious or unconscious. It was through mindful, focused (and might I say stubborn) spiritual mind treatment that the money I needed was provided at the time I needed it. I had no clue how it would happen or from where it would come, only that it would and it was none of my concern – the Universe would take care of it, period. I believe that what cemented the outcome was my conviction that there would be and could be no other alternative –  when given a request, declaration or strong affirmation with faith, trust, belief and feeling, the Law of Mind is triggered into creating and manifesting exactly what is thought into it, no ifs, ands, or buts. This has demonstrated for me time and again, and each time I am so grateful, yet often surprised, as if I didn’t trust that there’d be no other outcome. (That’s my small ego-mind which cannot grasp the bigger picture and release control.)

I embrace and delight in this surprise, however, since it keeps me from becoming arrogant about the nature of Spirit and my ability to use Its power for good. Each demonstration is a joyful blessing and I am as thankful for it each time as if it were happening for the first time. Something I’ve learned is that feeling gratitude and giving thanks before a demonstration manifests (part of the spiritual mind treatment process) somehow triggers the Law of Mind into getting busy and manifesting a desire immediately!

So when confronted with a challenge, desire, or urgent need, no matter what its appearance or how dire the situation might seem, treat with the feeling, faith, trust and knowing that perfect outcome is a done deal, period, and that there is no other alternative other than what you ask for is manifesting for you now! Then release it and allow God to take care of business!

As a result of this, I am back in business!

And so it is!