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The Emergent Self- Rev David Barrett


 Once we ‘roll away the stone’ and step out into our new life, we can choose our old way of thinking, making decisions based on past or present experiences and future worries, OR we can turn to the greater idea of ourselves that we just learned about through the true meaning of Easter. It takes […]

Spiritual Seekers


Most of us who are attracted to teachings like this one are spiritual seekers. We’ve taken countless classes and seminars which support our spiritual growth. We have a stack of books by our bed that reaches to the ceiling. We’re tuned in and turned on to any new metaphysical writer or teacher who comes down […]

Attitude of Gratitude


Yesterday I spent the day at an old cemetery in Griffin, GA. As I stood before the coffin with the other mourners, I looked up at the beautiful blue sky and gave thanks. No, I wasn’t at a funeral, at least not a real one. I was a background extra in a funeral scene for […]