Jon Lopez

Yesterday I spent the day at an old cemetery in Griffin, GA. As I stood before the coffin with the other mourners, I looked up at the beautiful blue sky and gave thanks. No, I wasn’t at a funeral, at least not a real one. I was a background extra in a funeral scene for a TV show shooting here in Georgia, and I was giving thanks for the wonderful work opportunity! I kept giving thanks all day long.

For a few months there I’d been experiencing some serious financial challenges (crisis might be a more accurate description), which were the effects of choices made over time. With the kind and generous help of our CSL Midtown community, I was able to make it through. With counsel and steadfast treatment my situation has turned around and abundance is once again manifesting in my life. Interestingly, a steady job manifested for me in the form of working at a call center. Although grateful, I realized by the third day of training that it wouldn’t be a good fit, but I stuck it out, giving thanks but treating for “something better.” Preliminary test scores did not qualify me to continue, so I was released from the training, much to my relief. The Universe quickly rallied with that “something better”. What I no longer had as a steady job is turning into an abundance of creative freelance work of the kind I love and excel at. I’ve been commissioned to illustrate a children’s book, create a single artwork piece, major photo shoots in April and May, and ongoing background extra work (three gigs in the past week alone). I also just got a callback for a photography position I’d applied for two weeks ago and they want to talk to me “urgently!”

So whether it’s in the car driving to Costco, working on an illustration, in bed just before going to sleep at night, or in an old cemetery standing in front of a coffin at a fake funeral, I give thanks, over and over again. I deeply appreciate my good and never take it for granted. Being always in a sincere attitude of gratitude keeps my consciousness open and receptive for good to keep flowing. And so it does! TYG!

Jon William Lopez, RScP