During the trying times through which we are passing, it is but natural that we occasionally find ourselves caught in the meshes of mental depression. There are moments when we feel as though the whole world were holding its breath, tense with the expectation of evil tidings. Here is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who believe in Spiritual Power, to try a simple but effective experiment. You may call this psychology, metaphysics, faith, prayer, new thought or old thought, there is nothing in a name. The only thing that matters is – are we obtaining the desired results, and do we believe that there is a law of Mind and Spirit which can bring greater peace, comfort and joy into our experience? If we do have this conviction and if we have added to our spiritual faith the knowledge that there is a scientific Principle of Mind which may be consciously applied for any human need, then we are ready to make the experiment. I suppose each must do this in his own way, since no two persons are alike. I can merely suggest to you a way which has been effective in my own life during the last few months. I have been making it a habit to spend a few moments every day making the following declarations:

“I am filled with inexhaustible energy of life. I am filled with limitless enthusiasm for living. There is a deep calm at the center of my being which is undisturbed, which is forever at peace with the universe around me. I know that the power of Good will prevail and that there is being worked out now, in the minds of men and women everywhere, a divine pattern of freedom, protection and cooperation for all people. I know that no thoughts of doubt or depression can enter my consciousness. There is nothing in me that receives them. I live in the buoyancy of Spirit. There are no doubts in my consciousness. I have an ever-deepening appreciation for all people, an ever-deepening sense of gratitude for the knowledge that the Spirit cannot be assailed. I know that GOOD is finally going to come to everyone and that all problems will be solved. Neither fear nor self-pity can operate through me. I am alive with life, with joy and continuously upheld by a deep, unshakable conviction that there is a Presence and a Power and an Intelligence in the universe, which is working out a perfect pattern for human conduct and relationships. I rest in peace, in joy and in love. I know that this is not only true of myself, it is true of every person who lives.”

It is not at all necessary that everyone should use these identical words, but I do believe that we should all cover these principal thoughts which seek to rob us of a sense of happiness and security and particularly those thoughts that would discourage us and keep us from believing that the victory of truth must always rest on the side of right. If fear is contagious, faith is even more so, because it is more natural to have faith than it is to be afraid. We can never believe that a negative viewpoint has the same power as a positive one or that evil is equal to good, any more than we can believe that darkness can obliterate light. It is the light that destroys the darkness and we must see to it that our consciousness is filled with light. Fear is a habit of thought and creates a subconscious mental pattern which repeats itself with “monotonous regularity” until the light of truth displaces fear with faith. Faith, on the other hand, rightly cultivated will repeat itself with buoyant regularity. Both fear and faith are habits of thought and can be cultivated.

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